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Once active in racing, we are now quite casual and focus primarily on cruising. The club coordinator plans a variety of cruises - weekends on San Francisco Bay, the Delta, or area lakes, longer cruises during Easter and Thanksgiving, and extended summer cruises to Puget Sound or points south.

Take a look at our Calendar for a complete listing of our activities.

Photos from our adventures on the Bay---


Delta and Local Lakes--

Puget Sound and Vancouver Island--



How can I cruise if my boat is a racer or daysailor? What if I don't have a boat at all?

You can participate in activities and cruises by sharing yourself-- with your work, your camaraderie, your boat (if you have one), and with your expertise (sailing or cooking skills-if you have them). Even if your initial crewing value is as ballast, you can quickly pickup important know how from others. Many of our members are or have been teachers and like nothing better than to pass on their knowledge.

Our members have all gone through learning curves associated with sailing. At times we've not been able to sail for lack of crew. And so we are patient and actively seek people who want to learn and participate.